How It Works


* The members with means "Generous Member" get a chance to take a beautiful young person on a date, and that we deliver.  What happens after the initial date is between the two of you.

* The attractive singles "Gorgeous Member" gain access to accomplished individuals who are happy to take you out on a real date, for which you will be compensated regardless of the outcome.

We are strictly an online dating website. Escorts are not welcome.


Date for a good cause,

Go on a date- and we will donate to your favorite charity on your behalf!

While buying credits or upgrading (if you wish to do so) – you will be asked to choose a charity organization you would like to help, so choose your favorite and we will make a donation on your behalf!


Let's say Mike, whose job takes up most of his time, but has really high standards when it comes to dating and does not want to get involved in the bar / dating scene.

He goes to My Bunny Date where he signs up and really likes the online profile of Lisa.

He sends Lisa an offer of $200 to go out on their first date and she accepts it. Great! He now has a date!

They meet at 7pm in cute restaurant and after dinner Mike gives Lisa envelope with $200.

It was great evening, they both had good time, Mike and Lisa decided to meet again for second date and our job is done.

As part of our service, we charge Mike (only Generous members will be charged) small fee based on the amount of offer (Generous members are required to purchase credits in order to send offers to Gorgeous member; credits will be withdrawn from your balance ONLY if your offer was accepted )