How does the site work?

If a Generous member wishes to take a Gorgeous member on a date, s/he has several options:

– to make a bid on her profile page, sending her an offer,

– to wink or

– to send a gift, showing interest.

Members can negotiate price by accepting, rejecting or countering offers.

– What does wink mean?

Winking is a way to show interest and/or invite to bid for the first date.

– When should I pay for the date (as a Generous member)? / When should I ask someone to pay for the date (as a Gorgeous member)?

Gorgeous member never asks about the advance payment before meeting a Generous member. If desired first date setting requires that a Gorgeous member travel to a different location then cost of transportation (airplane, bus, train tickets) is compensated by the Generous member (additionally to the payment for the first date).

We suggest that a gorgeous member asks for 50% of the date payment in the beginning of the date and remainder in the end.

– Should I pay to a Gorgeous member in cash, check or gift card?

The two of you decide on the payment type. We strongly suggest cash as the most beneficial way of compensation.

– Who covers expenses on the date (dinner, drinks and entertainment)?

The date expenses are a responsibility of the Generous member.

– Should a Gorgeous member always do full make up, hair and dress fancy for the date?
The Gorgeous member is responsible for looking their best on a date.  Membership of Gorgeous members who receive complaints from their dates about their sloppiness in their looks may be suspended.  Generous members pay for going on a date with members who are gorgeous.

– Can I ask a Gorgeous member to dress up certain way?

If the activities that you plan for the first date require compliance with a particular dress code it may be appropriate to ask a Gorgeous member to dress up accordingly.

– What should I do if a Generous member refuses to pay?

We suggest that the Gorgeous member receive 50% of the payment and settle travel expenses issue at the beginning of the date.  Should a Generous member offer to pay a Gorgeous member on the following date we recommend to not agree with that.  If the reason for this request is that a Generous member does not have cash, we suggest that a Gorgeous member ask politely to stop by an ATM.  In the worst case a Gorgeous member can pursue a legal action using correspondence on the web-site as evidence.

– If I don't like how the first date came out should I still pay for that?

Yes, the payment still has to take place.  Regardless of the first date outcome you made an agreement with a Generous member on a certain price for the first date.

As part of our service, we charge Generous members small fee based on the amount of offer (Generous members are required to purchase credits in order to send offers to Gorgeous member; credits will be withdrawn from your balance ONLY if your offer was accepted)