About Us

The concept of bidding for a first date is hardly original. Celebrities get bids for going on a date with them – not too long ago Scarlett Johansson raised in excess of $40,000 via eBay and other names including Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron, Eva Longoria, Colin Firth and Brad Pitt used the concept to raise money for charities. Sure, they are beautiful and famous, someone will say but at MyBunnyDate.com, we believe that such bidding can and should be offered to every person interested, and that means you too.

MyBunnyDate.com presents an exciting opportunity for its "GENEROUS" members to bid and purchase a "FIRST" date with a GORGEOUS / ATTRACTIVE member who invokes their interest ( You only pay for the first date with the GORGEOUS member to prove that you are for real and value their time. If the date goes well, there is a pretty good chance you will be going on second date for free and start new relationship). A bit of motivation for the liked members gets a first date to the generous members who may not have had a chance otherwise (too busy, too shy, etc). Thus, whatever the outcome, both parties know what they are getting – should the spark miss the occasion, one has had his/her chance and the other receives the sum of the bid.